Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Touching base

It has been a long while since the last blog post, just want to touch base with the blogging world before it all dwindles away again.

My very last blog post, I mentioned about how God was so big in my life, and I felt so little. The countless obstacles that I had to go through last year was tremendously painful. Here I am today, feeling ever so grateful for God's miraculous work.

About this time last year, I was thrown into a sea of emotions; I had to go through a number of rejections and fear. To name a couple, my Australian Permanent Residency status was rejected, and fear of not making it through my final intern exam.

Long story short, the decision to reject my PR status was reverted (without having the need to resubmit an entirely new application) and I made it through my final exam even when I doubted myself whole heartedly.

God has a way of throwing surprises at you when you least expect it. I am forever thankful and grateful for all the good things He has blessed me with, and for all the bad-ish situations He has thrown at me, which has definitely strengthened me in so many ways.

Life still isn't as smooth sailing as I have dreamt for it to be, I still do encounter some difficult moments along the way, but GOD is GOOD, and I know that regardless the situation, I will not be alone :)

Just throwing in some pics to give an insight of how I've been spending my 2015 so far .. (nothing extravagant, but still absolutely thankful :) )

Turned another year older x

Port Stephen's was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. 

Spending Chinese New Year at home with the fambam, would not have it any other way <3 p="">

Childhood besties 


Me and my Schnauzer x

Because my hair needed a change :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm so little..

I'm so little... But I have a God so big and mighty; it takes my breath away.

Just a little less than a week ago, I was discouraged by a particular news and this discouragement has affected my faith in so many ways. It makes me feel so silly how shakeable my faith is when being thrown into difficult situations.

2 days after that heartbreaking news, things turned around. God intervened when I least expected Him to. It's true when the word says God has His plan and purpose for you; and that you should cast all your cares and worries unto Him. I wasn't glad about the relatively good news, but I was elated and overwhelmed by God's amazing favour and blessing upon my life.

Reflecting back on how I was self-pitying and beating myself up for something that wasn't even worth doing, it just brings me to tears that He has done it again. He has reassured me that God never fails, and He will never EVER forsake His children. He has sent so many people around me to comfort and to care, I couldn't have asked for more.

I know that in this journey called life, it is a roller coaster ride. BUT, I am just so thankful that I have a mighty Father in Heaven to ride alongside with, and to be protected from any cuts, bumps and bruises. And even if I do fall, I know He will pick me up and show me how much He really cares.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's another journey

Life hasn't been smooth sailing recently - nothing seems to be quite right.
I just need a little more strength, a little more faith to bring me through this discouragement.

and i'm just waiting to see that rainbow after the rain. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

He is the solution to my problems.

God is indeed the solution to our problems. The past week has been a really difficult week for me - hectic work environment, negativity, worries, struggles, confusion, work politics, so on and so forth.

I have NEVER struggled so much before in my life. I was worried about everything under the sun, and thoughts of the past week has haunted me more than ever before. Day in day out, i was filled with pessimistic thoughts and embraced the worst of everything.

Today's sermon taught me so much about life, and God is certainly amazing. He has never left me alone since Day 1 and He continues to watch over me in both good and bad times and He looks past my imperfections. Today, I was taught a few valuable lessons:

  • You have not because you asked not. God is always willing to help if you ask!
  • Faith is an action. Faith without work is dead. 
  • You need to get all the negativity out of your life. Faith CANNOT work around negativity. 
  • Never ever fear. We were never taught to walk by fear but always by faith.
My faith has definitely been restored and strengthened after the sermon this morning. Never felt so at peace the past week, not until today :) God is truly amazing and I can never explain how thankful I am to have Him in my life. 

Take a step of faith, you will be amazed by the great things God has planned up for you :)
Have an AMAZING week ahead, readers! x

"You've given me life, 
You've opened my eyes, 
I Love you Lord, I love you Lord
You've entered my heart, 
You've set me apart, 
I love you Lord, I love you Lord"
- Thank You Jesus by Hillsong Live-

Monday, January 20, 2014

20.12.2013 - A brand new chapter unfolds.

and the only thoughts I had running through my mind then was,