Sunday, January 26, 2014

He is the solution to my problems.

God is indeed the solution to our problems. The past week has been a really difficult week for me - hectic work environment, negativity, worries, struggles, confusion, work politics, so on and so forth.

I have NEVER struggled so much before in my life. I was worried about everything under the sun, and thoughts of the past week has haunted me more than ever before. Day in day out, i was filled with pessimistic thoughts and embraced the worst of everything.

Today's sermon taught me so much about life, and God is certainly amazing. He has never left me alone since Day 1 and He continues to watch over me in both good and bad times and He looks past my imperfections. Today, I was taught a few valuable lessons:

  • You have not because you asked not. God is always willing to help if you ask!
  • Faith is an action. Faith without work is dead. 
  • You need to get all the negativity out of your life. Faith CANNOT work around negativity. 
  • Never ever fear. We were never taught to walk by fear but always by faith.
My faith has definitely been restored and strengthened after the sermon this morning. Never felt so at peace the past week, not until today :) God is truly amazing and I can never explain how thankful I am to have Him in my life. 

Take a step of faith, you will be amazed by the great things God has planned up for you :)
Have an AMAZING week ahead, readers! x

"You've given me life, 
You've opened my eyes, 
I Love you Lord, I love you Lord
You've entered my heart, 
You've set me apart, 
I love you Lord, I love you Lord"
- Thank You Jesus by Hillsong Live-

Monday, January 20, 2014

20.12.2013 - A brand new chapter unfolds.

and the only thoughts I had running through my mind then was,

Monday Blues.

This morning, I woke up feeling a little drained from working 5 days a week, doing house chores, studying in between and all that travelling. 

BUT, having said that, I am ever so grateful to have a job to go to, a house to live in for me to carry out chores, the ability to study and the mobility to travel. :) Additional bonus for being so positive this week? Having the boy back in Sydney in 4 days! 

Thanks for being my shelter on a rainy day x

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Enjoying the simple things in life.

Hot Cross Bun at Paddington Markets last Autumn.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A testimony to kick off the new year!

Ahh, so good to be back writing again! It's been awhile now..

It has been almost 2 weeks since the start of 2014, and I can never be more grateful and thankful to God and my family to be where I am today and for all the achievements that I've made throughout the whole of 2013.

2013 was everything but a relaxed year. It all started with an 8 weeks crash course in uni to sitting for the last ever MAJOR written exam in March. Then, it was time for everyone to run off and begin their busy life filled with compulsory pharmacy placements, honours, internship applications, electives and graduation.

For me, the most challenging part of it all was definitely the job seeking experience. The numerous amount of internships that I applied for was nothing but insanely stressful. Being me, I have always been one who worries about every little thing possible and this experience has definitely taught me to trust in Him and have faith. With each passing day, I grew to be more patient and true enough, God blessed me with not one, not two but five job interviews of which I would never have expected at the beginning of last year. In all honesty, I would have just settled for any job that was thrown at me, but He has provided me above and beyond my wildest imagination. 

Well, to cut the long story short, I accepted a job offer from a pharmacy company in Adelaide which I later withdrew from because I decided to move to Sydney.  I prayed about everything from visa issues, job offers to moving to a new city. God is always full of surprises and there wasn't a time during the year that He failed to answer my prayers. So here I am now, in a new city, with an internship to finish at the end of this brand new year and I am looking forward to more of God's grace and mercy in my life. 

"How's work"?, you may ask. I won't deny the fact that work has been pretty hectic. There were times when I have been thrown in challenges and failed to handle it as well as I thought I could have. But through it all, I've been reminded everyday that "EVERYTHING PASSES. Nothing on Earth is eternal, even the sun will one day disappear. Remember this simple truth; that the suffering too shall pass and it will become easier to bear".

Last but definitely not the least, I have finally graduated from Pharmacy School last December. 4 years has gone by so quickly and I have been so eager to embark on a new journey filled with exciting difficulties and challenges. BRING ON 2014 with a bang! 

Here are some pictures from the graduation. It was such a beautiful day :')

Well, there you go. A pretty brief summary of what's been going on in 6 short paragraphs (: