Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm so little..

I'm so little... But I have a God so big and mighty; it takes my breath away.

Just a little less than a week ago, I was discouraged by a particular news and this discouragement has affected my faith in so many ways. It makes me feel so silly how shakeable my faith is when being thrown into difficult situations.

2 days after that heartbreaking news, things turned around. God intervened when I least expected Him to. It's true when the word says God has His plan and purpose for you; and that you should cast all your cares and worries unto Him. I wasn't glad about the relatively good news, but I was elated and overwhelmed by God's amazing favour and blessing upon my life.

Reflecting back on how I was self-pitying and beating myself up for something that wasn't even worth doing, it just brings me to tears that He has done it again. He has reassured me that God never fails, and He will never EVER forsake His children. He has sent so many people around me to comfort and to care, I couldn't have asked for more.

I know that in this journey called life, it is a roller coaster ride. BUT, I am just so thankful that I have a mighty Father in Heaven to ride alongside with, and to be protected from any cuts, bumps and bruises. And even if I do fall, I know He will pick me up and show me how much He really cares.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's another journey

Life hasn't been smooth sailing recently - nothing seems to be quite right.
I just need a little more strength, a little more faith to bring me through this discouragement.

and i'm just waiting to see that rainbow after the rain.